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Sri Lanka’s Cheapest and Best Linux DirectAdmin Shared Web Hosting with a guarantee for security and reliability is right here. 

Thinking of the best linux shared hosting at the cheapest cost? Look no more ! Get started at just Rs 1000 per year. Our powerful servers located in UK guarantees you the best Linux DirectAdmin shared hosting features anyone can offer at such price.

Powerful Hardware

All of our servers run the latest Supermicro or Dell blades, with a minimum of 128GB DDR4 RAM using the latest Intel Xeon processors.

DirectAdmin Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your hosting, from MySQL databases to your email accounts, all in an easy to use control panel.

Affordable Price

There is no point in making the end product so costly that anyone has to thought a hundred times before buying your service.

DDoS Protection

All of the SSL certificates which are installed free of charge on our servers are fully valid 256bit encrypted.

Free SSL Certificate

Bullet-Proof Security. Built in. Enterprise-grade, always on DDoS protection ensures your sites remain online.

One-Click Applications

Application Installation. Simplified. Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer for DirectAdmin, with more than 450 scripts.

DirectAdmin Web Control Panel

A better way to manage your web hosting

Powerful and easy to use web control panel

DirectAdmin Control Panel

DirectAdmin is a reliable and robust graphical web-based control panel designed to manage your web hosting tasks.

Web hosting environments are constantly evolving. DirectAdmin stays in-step with today’s most sophisticated solutions. Global trends and clients feature requests are analyzed continuously and the ideas are brought to practice. HostAmmo pride ourselves on stability, security, and new technologies. DirectAdmin has been developed continuously since 2003.

Install SSL certificates, Perl modules. Monitor server information. Set cron jobs, mime types, and Apache handlers, enable site redirection and domain pointers via the easy to use DirectAdmin control panel.

New Evolution Theme

The new Evolution theme for DirectAdmin brings an attractive and configurable interface for the DirectAdmin control panel. A grid layout has also been made available that should make users migrating from cPanel feel well at home.

The Evolution sidebar layout provides quick navigation with a minimalist, yet modern look. Also available is the equally attractive classic top menu layout. Evolution is an extremely versatile skin that offers a great layout for anyone.

DirectAdmin Shared Hosting FAQ

If you don’t see your questions here, feel free to get in touch!

  • Email Administration – Users can create POP/IMAP accounts, catch-all email addresses, forwarders, mailing lists, autoresponders, and webmail. Filters allow users to block mail by domain, keyword and size. SpamAssassin and rspamd are configurable by the user and an adult filter is also available.
  • FTP management – Users can create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account. Anonymous FTP is also supported.
  • DNS Menu – Users can add and delete records, change MX settings and anything that goes with full DNS control.
  • Menu Statistics – Users have all the possible statistics on their account. More advanced options and Webalizer are also included.
  • Subdomain menu – Users can list, create, delete, and obtain subdomain statistics.
  • File manager – A friendly and fast alternative to FTP. Includes all the features needed to create and manage a website.
  • MySQL databases – Users can easily create, modify and delete MySQL databases from this menu.
  • Site Backups – With this powerful tool, users can back up and restore only what they want. For example, account data but not website files.
  • Error pages – Users can create custom messages and outputs for error codes 401, 403, 404, and 500.
  • Password protection – Users can password protect any directory with a username and password.
  • PHP selector – Allows the client to select the version of PHP associated with the .php extension.
  • Advanced tools – Users can install SSL certificates, view server information and install Perl modules, set cron jobs, MIME types and Apache handlers, and enable site redirection and domain pointers.
  • Integrated Ticket Support System – With DirectAdmin’s integrated ticket support system, you’ll provide better customer service with less hassle. “You have XX messages waiting” is displayed every time you sign in — and you can set DirectAdmin to notify you of support requests by e-mail, ensuring that no request will be missed. If you prefer to offer support in a different way, simply turn this feature off.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Allows any DirectAdmin account to require the Two-Factor Authentication using a time-based code from a smart-phone app.
  • Plugin System – Allows to extend DirectAdmin functionality easily. Plugins support Admin, Reseller and User levels.
  • Live Updates – Server administrators can click the “licensing / updates” button to view the current license and version status. There is no need to manually download, extract, and install – DirectAdmin performs all updates automatically.
  • Completely Customizable – DirectAdmin is designed to be as unique as your business. Every aspect of the DirectAdmin interface can be changed, and new designs are easily imported through the “skins” menu.
  • Automatic Recovery From Crashes – DirectAdmin TaskQueue ensures that all services are up, all of the time. If something crashes, DirectAdmin will attempt to fix the problem by restarting the service. If this fails, DirectAdmin will notify the server administrator immediately.
  • All Licenses are Unlimited-Domain Licenses – There is no limit to the amount of domains or user accounts that can be hosted with DirectAdmin.

Linux is an Operating System and Direct Admin is a Web Control Panel. Linux Direct Admin Shared Web Hosting is the type of web hosting which is hosted in Linux OS accompanied by Direct Admin Control Panel.

With DirectAdmin You can manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. using a DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin automates tasks so that web servers can be easily shared and give web site owners a way to quickly set-up and manage web sites.

Bullet-Proof Security. Built in.

DDoS Protection

Enterprise-grade, always on DDoS protection ensures your sites remain online.

Intelligent Antivirus

Antivirus – Our antivirus detects and blocks viruses, malware, spyware, redirects and symlinks in real-time with unbeatable accuracy.

Auto-Clean Technology – Our malware and antivirus protection will ‘cloud repair’ any files which are infected via our ‘analysis cloud’ platform. Files are automatically cleaned, and replaced to avoid outages and downtime caused by malware.

Intrusion Prevention

Firewall – Our firewall has been designed to automatically identify and block all network, application and protocol layer attacks launched at websites and applications hosted on our platform.

CMS Brute Force Protection – Our intelligent security suite protects from large scale brute force attacks from taking down your site. An essential security feature that monitors and controls distributed attacks before they affect you.

ModSecurity – Industry leading ModSecurity rules by ‘Malware Expert’ have been expertly carved to provide intelligent, real-time protection from application layer attacks against your sites. ModSecurity helps protect your site from SQL injections, XSS, local and remote include attacks, upload vulnerabilities and more.

WordPress and CMS Vulnerability Patches

Protect your WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website from attacks and vulnerabilities automatically, without the need for 3rd party plugins or addons.

We have a team ready to do this for you absolutely free of cost. If you have a pre-made website, you can compress and upload it via FTP if required. In case of CMS, there are plenty of tools to help you do so. Moreover our active support will assist you in any type of issues.

The free hosting package that comes with 50MB SSD disk space does not come with SSH access. All other features are included and all limits are shown in the above packages. If you are unsure which hosting service fits your needs, please contact a member of our friendly sales team.

Our DirectAdmin Free Hosting is completely Free for anyone. It is easily scalable too. If you need more resources, we provide easy upgrades to our premium web hosting solutions. Basically you get lesser resources and lower uptime in Free Hosting solution by HostAmmo.

Absolutely. HostAmmo support is the cornerstone of our success, and we’re fanatical about providing expert support. We provide the same service level to the charities we host for free as we do our paying customers.

Are you looking web hosting for Non-profit?

There’s no catch – just get in touch today to discuss your requirements and one of our team would be happy to help.

Web hosting with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates and daily backups included free of charge.

hostammo provides Secure, Managed Cloud Hosting solutions powered by & cPanel.


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