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Secure your website with Sectigo, the world’s #1 Certification Authority.

With HostAmmo, you get a wide range of SSL Certificate options from free SSL Certificates to Premium SSL options for your eCommerce site and everything in between! Our affordable SSL Certificates offer quick setup and makes HTTPS easy! Enhance your web hosting account and your website with an SSL Certificate to increase visitor trust, search engine traffic, website security and much more!

Low Cost SSL Certificets Sri Lanka

What does an SSL provide?

Security and Trust

An SSL certificate ensures your website traffic is secure and that HTTPS displays in the browser. We provide a FREE SSL certificate with all hosting accounts.

Prevent Data Attacks

Your customers' data will not be at risk to "man-in-the-middle" style attacks when it is transmitted to or from your website.

Increased SEO

HTTPS pages are more likely to receive higher search engine results than the identical page without SSL protection.


Your SSL is compliant with information privacy acts, including PCI DSS and HIPPA; your site is able to handle sensitive data.

Hassle-Free Issuance

Most SSLs are applied for, validated, and issued easily online. Some SSLs do require additional steps.

Money-Back Guarantee

Any Sectigo SSL you purchase is risk-free and can be refunded if you are in any way not completely satisfied.

Sectigo SSL Sri Lanka

Why Sectigo?

Sectigo SSL (formerly Comodo CA) is the largest commercial trust provider in the World. Experiences and well-trained employees helping individuals and corporate customers to protect websites, online applications, and emails.

Sectigo SSL certificates are popular all around the World and they are well-presented in all segment of market and type of SSL certificates like Domain vetted, Business and Extended Validation, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, SMIME and Code Signing certs.

SSL Certificates


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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides safe communication via the internet. SSL Certificates protect sensitive information with encryption techniques when transmitting information between a web server and a web browser. Millions of websites use SSL Certificates on their site to keep their customers’ and their visitors’ information safe. Your visitors will notice that your site is protected by an SSL Certificate because your website URL will begin with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Additional signals of a site being secured by HTTPs is the padlock in the browser bar and a green extended validation bar found in more advanced SSL Certificate options. Some SSL Certificates also offer you a secure site seal for you to publish to signify to your visitors that your website is safe and their information is safe from potential attackers.

SSL certificates are strongly recommended if you have a website that receives or transmit any sensitive information like credit card numbers, license numbers, social security numbers etc. They are also strongly recommended for any pages where a password is submitted. While SSL Certificates especially important in these instances, it has become more evident recently that all sites should actually be SSL protected. That’s because many browsers have started to flag sites that are not using the SSL/HTTPS protocol for being unsafe. Protecting your site with an SSL Certificate can prevent you from having this distinction.

SSL Certificates are granted from a Certificate Authority (CA). The Certificate Authority’s job is to verify that the website owner is in fact who they say they are. A business verification may also occur if the site is owned by a business, most likely an eCommerce store. A copy of the SSL Certificate is received once the CA verifies the site owner. The web site owner is then free to install their SSL Certificate on their server for their website.

Once the web server that is hosting your site is accessed by your visitor’s browser, an “SSL handshake” takes place. This means the browser and the server have established a key informing each other that it’s safe to communicate and the SSL Certificate is in fact valid. Most importantly, your visitors will also know that any information they are transmitting to you, whether it be a password, credit card or social security number, is secure due to your use of the SSL Certificate.

The name might be new, but Sectigo has been issuing digital certificates for the better part of 20 years. In that time it’s been able to refine its issuance and validation processes, expedite time to issuance and innovate on its SSL/TLS certificates to ensure they continue to live on the cutting edge. Associating yourself with Sectigo is surefire way to tell your customers that you take your security responsibilities seriously.

But Sectigo isn’t just a CA with a wealth of organizational experience, its products are premium. Some of the best in the digital certificate industry. All Sectigo SSL certificates come available with either the RSA algorithm or an Elliptic curve-based cryptosystem, which provide robust public key encryption. Data transfer takes place using 256-bit AES symmetric session keys that provide max performance while still maintaining enough hardness to remain viable against any attack. All encryption meets or exceeds both CAB Forum and NIST standards.

These certificates are recognized by and compatible with all modern browsers and root stores, meaning that no matter what device or browser your visitors use to reach your site—they’ll be protected.

Yes; it is included at no extra charge with your hosting account. As HTTPS becomes more and more pertinent to search engine results, web browser behavior, and overall web security, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to keep our customers informed and protected. In this spirit, we are providing this SSL certificate free of charge. Of course, for additional features you may certainly purchase an upgraded SSL for your account.
Our KnowledgeBase contains many articles that fully explain the intricacies of SSL certificates, what they are, how they work and the various differences.

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